Rosie the knicker stealing pervert

I  thought I would share with you all a little story about a new slave who came to see Myself and Mistress Lola for a double Domme session.

This particular slave sent Us a long email about how he had a very severe and untreatable ‘knicker obsession’ which had developed through his life, starting from when he was a little boy and would sneak into the girls P.E. changing room, right up until today where he is earning a reputation at work as a ‘sex pest’ for staring at visible pantie lines and even trying to catch an upskirt glance at his female colleagues.

This had all culminated in his visiting a doctor, who ridiculed him for being such a pervert  and explained that there was no known cure for being such a ‘dirty knickers obsessive’. After a lot of humiliation in her office, she advised him that his last chance at being free of this perverted obsession would be to venture into the world of Professional Domination. And with that, Myself and Mistress Lola began to devise Our own form of ‘aversion therapy’ which would free him of this terrible affliction…

Well, it seems that Our alternative therapy failed miserably, though not through lack of trying, Whilst one of Us caned him, the other teased him with Our knickers, hoping he would displace the pleasure with the pain, but that didn’t work. We humiliated him by drawing and writing words like ‘pervert’ all over him whilst ridiculing his pathetic tiny cock… that didn’t work. We strapped him up and abused him with electrics whilst rubbing Our knickers on him… and that didn’t work. None of the cruel plans We had dreamed up seemed to help relive him of these deep and perverted desires he had had for so long…

So We decided if you can’t cure it, EMBRACE IT!

And so Our new sissy ‘Rosie’ was born. Shaved, made-up with hot pink eyes and lipstick, taught how to suck cock and forced into her favourite feminine clothes- silky pink knickers!

We spent the rest of the session having a lovely girls night in which ended with a good old sissy milking! Rosie left finally at ease with her knicker perversion, so a happy ending after all.

Manchester Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola will be visiting London at the very end of June. The exact session dates will be published on My blog very soon. Please email or call Me on to enquire.

I am off to the NABD rally this weekend, so yes yes of course I will have photos for you pervs to feast your eyes on when I get back plus I have merlin coming in for a rather unusual session that I cant wait to tell you about (I hope you have strong stomachs!!)

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Ladies & Gentlemen, Its Blind D-Date

Wrestling & Role play!?

Why on earth not :)

Picture the scene…… Cilla Black, Our Graham, a Male contestant & 3 beautiful ladies to choose from…… ring any bells??

After ‘Ralph’ the male contestant asked his 3 questions & then the final deciding one he went for contestant number 1 Manchester Mistress Foxx (haha Mistress Lola & Mistress Victoria)

W/we went on O/ur lovely date to Tenerife & after a few drinks & Mistress Foxx doing a little flirting ralph became a little fruity & started trying it on…….

Woah Woah Woah!!

clearly ralph did not know who he was messing with & after getting ralph in to a headlock & wrestling him to the ground, he soon started to see things My way!

Now…. here’s our Graham with a quick recap….

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Mistress Foxx goes GaGa at MCN!!

I just had to tell you all what a brilliant weekend I had at MCN-Live in Skegness & share with you some photos.

I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anything less of your Mistress than to dress to impress, So latex’d up with a crop in My hand I set out for My first night of partying & had many a naughty biker bottom to punish

Then came My favourite night


Miss Foxx even got a cheeky spanking off a rather strict headmaster whilst being restrained by 2 perverted school boys…..

Ooo Err!!

But Finally Miss Foxx got some well deserved foot worship 

I know you pervs have missed Me but I am back sessioning on Wednesday & Sunday

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

The return of nameless

For those of you who regularly read Manchester Mistress Foxx’s blog, you will be fully aware of My ball busting & trampling slave ‘nameless’.

I have debated giving him a proper name but I can’t be arsed so he will remain nameless.

After 2 months of promising to come & see Me more often he eventually dragged his sorry arse back through My dungeon door (7 Minutes late I may add- for this he would suffer)

nameless only had the pleasure of My company for 30 minutes so I set to work, Strapped him to the cross, I then warmed his balls up with a bit of gentle flogging until it was time to kick & knee his balls & because he was late I made sure I caned them….. 7 times!

I can assure you nameless will not be late again!!

It was now time for some good old fashioned trampled in My new not so old fashioned pony boots.

Over this past week I have had some fantastic sessions including a sissy called rosie who Myself & Mistress Lola turned into Our slut (I will do a blog will be about this particular sissy so watch this space) Tightsman returned & is also coming back just before My operation so I can kick his arse again before I am otherwise incapacitated. I also had another but very different tightsman in to session but more about him in another blog when I have got a name for him because I can’t have 2 tightsman……

Anyway, I’m off to abuse more hairy bikers this weekend at the MCN-live bike weekend & before you ask, yes I’ve packed My crop & plenty of latex & I’m sure that there will be photos for you lot to perv over…..

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a photo of what Mistress Foxx does best

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


Wanda & his ‘wand’ of fire

Hello slaves,

I’m sure you loyal blog readers will be aware of My rather erm…… Unusual slave


wanda is most definitely 1 in 1,000,000 & never fails to surprise Me with the weird & wonderful things he comes up with & I ALWAYS look forward to My sessions with him.

As wanda had not seen Me since My holiday he wanted his Mistress to session in her holiday bikini.

I must tell you before I begin wanda had told Me about some of his fantasy’s (mainly sexual, involving his Mistress)

When wanda entered My new chambers I ordered him to strip, I removed My underwear & instructed him to wear it as it was the closest his cock would ever get to his Mistresses pussy.

I then left to change into My bikini whilst he waited on his knees for My return.

After strapping him down to My new Fetters spanking bench, I decided to have a little ‘bumfire

after inserting several toys into his arse I then proceeded to fuck him with My strap on using deep heat instead of lube, his squeals were music to My ears.

I decided it was cruel to have all this fun to Myself so I invited Mistress Lola in to join U/us & We secured him to the St Andrews cross & that’s when the fun began.…..

Some good old Tabasco sauce & crushed chilli’s on wanda’s very own magic wand!

As wanda requested not to have have a safe word, his screams & pleas to stop and let him shower it off fell on deaf ears & he knew the only way he would be able to go was to cum.

Needless to say he did.

No matter how weird & wonderful your fetish I am happy to help you explore it, I have very few limits but I WILL NOT ENGAGE IN Hard sports, Vomit, Animals, under 18′s , Adult Babies (I cant stand real ones let alone an adult one), Naked sessions or ANY sexual services.

I am not easily shocked & I am very open minded so within reason I will do most sessions. If in doubt, Just ask.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Bad News Wrestling Enthusiasts


As most of My loyal regular wrestling clients will know, I have a problem with My knees, This has been going on for some time now & hasn’t improved.

I had an MRI on both Knees & the good news is the left knee is fine! <BIG CHEER> the bad news is My right knee isn’t & I have torn My cartilage.

Competitive wrestling is now a no go for Me I am afraid but I can still do fantasy & light semi competitive.

I will be having My knee operated in within 6 weeks but I will be unable to do any wrestling for 8-12 weeks post op, so if you wish to have a wreslting session within the next 4-5 months, This next 6 weeks is time to do it.

Don’t worry I’m not giving it up & after My recovery I will back fighting fit but I will be giving up competitive wrestling for good.

I am still able to offer all My other sadistic services & apart from post operation recovery time I will still be offering My ass kicking beat down’s!

Anyway I have ‘merlin’ coming in tomorrow for a rather unusual punishment……

I will save this for My next blog, so you will have to wait.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Mistress Foxx’s New Chambers, NOW OPEN!!

The waiting is finally over!

After teasing you about Manchester Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola’s new chambers, the time has now come & as of Sunday 8th April We are open!!

here is a couple of panoramic pictures of the 1st chamber

We still have 3 rooms to kit out, but in the mean time I have utilised a room, lined it with My wrestling mats & that’s where My infamous wrestling sessions will take place for the time being.

On a more pressing note……

LOOK AT MY NEW BOOTS!!!!!! <swoon>

Appointments are now being taken at the new premises which is in the North West area of Greater Manchester.

I am available every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday for solo sessions or double sessions with Mistress Lola.


or email

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Another Brutal Beating….. Don’t mind if I do!

When will you slaves learn??


Luckily for My prisoner, he managed to withstand some of what I delivered, but most of it had him squealing with the information I needed.

The scenario was I was the cruel disciplinarian the prison relied on to extract information & confessions out of low life scum using somewhat unorthodox techniques.

This scum bag had assaulted a junior officer & taken items from the prison tool shed along with 5 other accomplices & it was My job to find out who they were…..

After several rounds of ball busting, punching, kicking, whipping, trampling & kneeing I soon had the prisoner giving Me every piece of information I needed.


Little did the scum bag know that the tool shed was closely monitored by CCTV & I already knew exactly who his accomplices were & his beating was purely for My entertainment.

Here is the prisoners testimonial from O/our session

Dear Mistress Foxx,
As I stiffen up from the pounding you gave me today, I would just like to thank you once again for a tremendous session. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too. With your strength, muscular body, and statuesque figure, you really are an intimidating presence. And your kicking and punching have genuine power behind them. They are among the hardest I have ever experienced in twenty five years of sessioning. Indeed my one regret is that on this occasion I was unable to take everything you were clearly capable of and keen to dish out. Apologies for that. Maybe next time. Finally I thought your role playing was excellent. You took my session idea, improved on it, and made it your own. The idea of introducing Mistress Lola as the female junior prison officer was simply brilliant as was the
fact that you claimed to have known what was going on all the time. Though out the verbal interchange just enhanced the session further. You clearly are very talented and gifted at this.


As most of you slaves already know, I now session form a brand new chambers in the Manchester area which is ran by Myself & Mistress Lola.

Watch this space for photos coming VERY soon & sessions will be available from Sunday 8th April.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

New Premises Opening Soon!

Hello all,

Now time for some VERY big news!

As some of you are already aware, Mistress Lola and Mistress Foxx have decided to open their own personal premises in the Manchester area.

We have both loved our time at The Manchester Dungeon immensely and will always be grateful to Mistress Julia and the other Mistresses there for all the help and advice They have given Us. For the loyal slaves of The Manchester Dungeon, We are still able to session from there on occasion, but the majority of Our sessions will now take place in Our own premises.

At Our new chambers, We already have 1 fully functional Dungeon room kitted out with all the usual equipment ready to go, and the next few months will be a work-in progress as We renovate the other rooms until We have another Dungeon room, a Domestic/School room and a Medical room, all full of top range/bespoke high quaility equipment, carefully selected by the both of Us.

As you can imagine We are both very excited and have endless amounts of outrageous ideas including building a tranny boudoir, sensory deprivation area, interrogation themed room, a ‘wet’ area… the list goes on! You may also be interested to hear that as We build and furnish Our new chambers, We may be advertising for special ‘chamber slaves’, such as maids and gardening slave, who will be rewarded by Us both for helping Us keep the place in tip top condition… watch this space!

We are both currently on holiday together in Wales and return next week, when We will be putting the finishing touches to Our chambers before officially opening it for sessions on Sunday the 8th of April.

To be one of the first slaves to see inside Our fantastic new premises, call either

Mistress Foxx on

Mistress Lola on 07527655302



Do I have a treat for you……..!?

I actually have 2 pieces of BIG news regarding Manchester Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola, but We are only going to share one piece with you at the minute, the other will wait until later on in the week when We will divulge the details.

News number 1 is that for all you Welsh perverts Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola will be sessioning from Anglesey quarterly.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you loyal blog readers that I go to Anglesey several times a year & I have had so many requests that Myself & the beautiful Mistress Lola have decided to session on either an Incall or Outcall basis (DOUBLE SESSIONS & ESCORT ON ALL SESSIONS)

Interested slaves can contact

Mistress Foxx on or at


Mistress Lola on 07527655302 or

as soon as We get enough interest & a rough idea of when slaves are free We will arrange some dates to come down.