Rosie the knicker stealing pervert

I  thought I would share with you all a little story about a new slave who came to see Myself and Mistress Lola for a double Domme session.

This particular slave sent Us a long email about how he had a very severe and untreatable ‘knicker obsession’ which had developed through his life, starting from when he was a little boy and would sneak into the girls P.E. changing room, right up until today where he is earning a reputation at work as a ‘sex pest’ for staring at visible pantie lines and even trying to catch an upskirt glance at his female colleagues.

This had all culminated in his visiting a doctor, who ridiculed him for being such a pervert  and explained that there was no known cure for being such a ‘dirty knickers obsessive’. After a lot of humiliation in her office, she advised him that his last chance at being free of this perverted obsession would be to venture into the world of Professional Domination. And with that, Myself and Mistress Lola began to devise Our own form of ‘aversion therapy’ which would free him of this terrible affliction…

Well, it seems that Our alternative therapy failed miserably, though not through lack of trying, Whilst one of Us caned him, the other teased him with Our knickers, hoping he would displace the pleasure with the pain, but that didn’t work. We humiliated him by drawing and writing words like ‘pervert’ all over him whilst ridiculing his pathetic tiny cock… that didn’t work. We strapped him up and abused him with electrics whilst rubbing Our knickers on him… and that didn’t work. None of the cruel plans We had dreamed up seemed to help relive him of these deep and perverted desires he had had for so long…

So We decided if you can’t cure it, EMBRACE IT!

And so Our new sissy ‘Rosie’ was born. Shaved, made-up with hot pink eyes and lipstick, taught how to suck cock and forced into her favourite feminine clothes- silky pink knickers!

We spent the rest of the session having a lovely girls night in which ended with a good old sissy milking! Rosie left finally at ease with her knicker perversion, so a happy ending after all.

Manchester Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola will be visiting London at the very end of June. The exact session dates will be published on My blog very soon. Please email or call Me on 07583832447 to enquire.

I am off to the NABD rally this weekend, so yes yes of course I will have photos for you pervs to feast your eyes on when I get back plus I have merlin coming in for a rather unusual session that I cant wait to tell you about (I hope you have strong stomachs!!)

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

[email protected]


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