Here are some of Manchester Mistress Foxx’s reviews/testimonials from various slaves.
i would just like to thank You Mistress for a magical time in Your presence just sitting talking and drinking tea with You was an absolute pleasure
the feelings inside were hard to describe as i stripped and waited in the chamber i had butterflies and excitement running through me as i waited for Mistress to enter, i even got caught being nosey lol! i don’t know what i expected but i did not imagine in my wildest dreams that those couple of hours in such a fantastic atmospheric dungeon could have been so good it was simply the greatest experience of my life! having visited various Dommes in the past i thought i was quite well seasoned and would be able to show Mistress Foxx how well trained i was, alas i failed Mistress Foxx is sexy sensual and funny but also very sadistic and with a beautiful smile took me on a little journey i will never forget, thankfully i must have done something right! Mistress has be kind enough to re-name me ashtray and i will now be trained on a regular basis as my Mistresses object.

it will be a long and hopefully painful journey but a rewarding one as i kneel at Mistress Foxx`s feet the worlds greatest Mistress and her ashtray. thank You Mistress and see You soon xx                                                            ASHTRAY

ive just got back from my third wrestling session with Mistress Foxx , i always ask for it to be competitive then i can see if its possible to be beaten by a woman who is smaller than me , i haven’t yet managed to make Her submit  , i consider myself to be strong but She must have made me submit at least 10 times each time i have been or it could be more !!  Every time i was on the floor i had no chance , its then She liked to tease and just hold me there if She wanted She could be really brutal  but She is such a sweet lady so i get let off with just a few bruises. All this from a Woman who is self taught and  beats you because She is so strong and has lots of stamina .
Mistress Foxx is just an incredible woman .                                  TERRIER

Just recently had my 6th wrestling session with Mistress Foxx.
The first one was good, everyone since has got better and better. She has that calming effect when you first arrive, you are put to ease straight away. Even though it was my 6th session i was still a bit nervous when ringing the door bell, but as soon as the door is opened and mistress foxx opens her mouth to welcome you in, you are suddenly transformed and all nerves have gone, Mistress then led me into the room and i thought wow the room was full of crash mats i thought great no more bruises and burns from the carpet.
Mistress then left the room and i quickly got changed into Asda’s 80 denier finest thinking i am going to win easily today especially with those mats ( how wrong was i )
Mistress then came back in wearing a very nice red leotard and black tights,after a couple of minutes talking about various things we then decided to wrestle i did honestly think that i was going to not only win but win easily. we then stood up in the middle of the room on the mats circled each other then wallop i did a leg sweep on Mistress and she was down, after a couple of minutes grappling on the floor i twisted her arm up her back and that was 1-0,almost straight away. i got Mistress down again by the same move and hey a half nelson was put onto mistress then that was 2-0. This is easy i thought, Mistress had shown nothing yet, i got Mistress down again and just as i was going for a 3-0 unassailable pin Mistresses arms or legs would not move no matter how hard i tried, Mistress had unleashed Foxx-Lee she then quite easily threw me off her by her form of as i called it dirty fighting, a grab here a knee there and an occasional foot all in the same area it definitely worked in Mistresses favour cos as we circled each other in the middle of the room i could see the fire in her eyes,next thing Mistress had me in a headlock and down i went her strength was unbelievable i had no option but to submit, i couldn’t believe what happened next i fell for the exact same move, i knew then that Mistress had been toying with me at the start, it was now 2-2, Mistress was throwing me to the ground quite easily now i had no answer to her strength and skill i was even trying some judo moves i learned many a year ago, but Mistress combated those moves straight away it was as though Mistress had been taught judo. Before i knew it Mistress had got me into a couple of head scissors and an arm lock no matter how hard i tried i could not get out of these scissors it was like having a python wrapped around your head and stomach it was now 5-2 to Mistress. Mistress must have felt sorry for me because she let me get back a couple of easy submissions
Mistress led 5-4 and she still had the confidence to say next point wins the session after about 10 mins of grappling every time i got Mistress into a hold she just swatted me off like a fly her strength and determination are second to none.
we could have wrestled all night and there would be no way that i would have got that final submission Mistress has the strength and skill to overcome anything that i tried. Mistress then got me into another headlock i was seeing stars good-night Vienna
i had my ass completely kicked even though Mistress had a badly injured knee, Mistress has got a good arsenal of weapons up her sleeve including i nearly got put into a coma by her bust falling out of her leotard LOL.
If anyone who is reading this testimonial is thinking of having a wrestling session with Mistress Foxx i will guarantee one thing the emphasis is having fun,not hurting one another if i havn’t put you off having a session with Mistress Foxx and you are lucky enough to have a session with Mistress watch out for the headlocks and scissors they are awesome you just cannot get out of them no matter how much you try  she isn’t even ticklish and does not watch the clock.
I can’t wait for my next session and the mats that mistress has bought are spot on, i May have ached for a few days after but there was no carpet burns or bruises apart from the ones applied by Mistresses headlocks and scissors. LOL                      TIGHTSMAN