Well well well, you are a pervy lot!!

Since I put the blog on about My toilet slave, I have had so many emails & calls inquiring about coming to the dungeon & being a toilet slave for all the Mistresses. (Watersports only)

You will be happy to know for £150 you can stay at the chambers all day & have the Mistresses & other slaves (if required) to use you as their toilet.

This is not included in My Foxxy February offer unless it is just Myself using you & no other Mistresses.

For more info call Me on 07583832447


email [email protected]

Toilet slaves are only required on Sundays, Mondays & Wednesdays

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


  1. i myself is a very well trained toilet slave, i’ve got no time at the moment unfortunately..
    would love to be a toilet for You for the whole day )) have fun!

  2. hi my beautifull name is pouya 25 years old.i am IRANIAN real slave boy.i want be FULL TOILET.i very like drink shit.i want learn it.are you accept and help training me?

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