Late Night Wednesday & More Piss Sluts!!

Hello there you kinky lot,

After several requests for late appointments from slaves Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx & Mistress Teressa will be available for late night appointments on Wednesday at The Manchester Dungeon.

(Please call before 7pm on Wednesday to book but if We do have any spare spaces left & you call later, you may fall lucky & be able to serve Mistress Teressa or Mistress Foxx or maybe even both of us)


Double sessions may be available for a special price if you ask nicely

We look forward to seeing you perverted lot then………

I have lots of sessions to tell you about, but I don’t want to spoil you too much so you will just get a short one today.

You toilet slaves are coming out in your droves, I have 2 more arranging a date as I write this blog & The Manchester Dungeon had another toilet in last week & this toilet LOVES needles & he had 5 needles for everytime he was used & he ended up with 80 needles (I’ll leave you to put your pathetic minds to work to work out how many glasses of Champagne he had)

I would like to share with you My needle work though as I’m sure you will agree it’s quite impressive.

If you wish to see the unedited version please visit this Link

Anyway I have 2 more toilets to put to good use & organize dates for & Mistress Julia is getting some new toilet seats for the toilet boxes & much to My delight (and persuasion I may add) She is getting a purple one!


ciao for now

Mistress Foxx

Foxxy February – A Reminder

Hello slaves,

Firstly My apologies for not making it in to work today, I live in a valley & there was no way the foxx mobile was getting off the drive this morning :( so Mistress Foxx had a well earned duvet day.

Tomorrow will be business as usual as I have another toilet slave for the day for Myself & the other Mistresses to use & hopefully Mistress Julia has sorted the toilet box situation (hint hint) if not then we will have another slave in the bath to be swamped in Mistresses fine champagne.

Remember slaves that through February ONLY I have My special Valentines offer of

£65 for 30minute sessions

£125 for 1 hour sessions

This does not include all day toilet sessions which are £150 for the day.

Miss Foxx



Well well well, you are a pervy lot!!

Since I put the blog on about My toilet slave, I have had so many emails & calls inquiring about coming to the dungeon & being a toilet slave for all the Mistresses. (Watersports only)

You will be happy to know for £150 you can stay at the chambers all day & have the Mistresses & other slaves (if required) to use you as their toilet.

This is not included in My Foxxy February offer unless it is just Myself using you & no other Mistresses.

For more info call Me on 07583832447


email [email protected]

Toilet slaves are only required on Sundays, Mondays & Wednesdays

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Mistress’s toilet

Hello there slaves, subs, bottoms & all things in between…..

I have to tell you about the toilet Myself & other Mistresses at The Manchester Dungeon used last Sunday.

Its not very often do We get an inquiry from a toilet slave who is genuine, but last week We did & Mistress Julia passed it on to Me as I am one of the best suppliers at The Manchester Dungeon for producing champagne.

The toilet arrived & ‘Oh No!!’ the toilet box has gone missing, so I put the slave in the bath with a funnel & left him there for the Mistresses & slaves to use.

Myself & Mistress Lola managed (with the help of 3 slaves & Mistress Brown) 23 glasses of beautiful champagne in 6 Hours.

For those slaves who are interested in a bit of double trouble with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola, keep your diaries open for Tuesday 13th March, if you can’t wait until then We offer a discounted double session on Wednesdays & Tuesdays.

But for now you need to WATCH THIS SPACE……

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx


Testimonial from ‘Terrier’

I received an email this morning off My newest wrestling recruit who I have named ‘Terrier’ I thought I would share it with you…..

ive just got back from my third wrestling session with Mistress Foxx , i always ask for it to be competitive then i can see if its possible to be beaten by a woman who is smaller than me , i havent yet managed to make Her submit  , i consider myself to be strong but She must have made me submit at least 10 times each time i have been or it could be more !!  Every time i was on the floor i had no chance , its then She liked to tease and just hold me there if She wanted She could be really brutal  but She is such a sweet lady so i get let off with just a few bruises. All this from a Woman who is self taught and  beats you because She is so strong and has lots of stamina .
Mistress Foxx is just an incredible woman .

Fancy a go???? I am available this Sunday, or Monday & Wednesday next week for appointments. I am then away (yes, Angelsey again) & back in the chambers on Sunday 2nd October.

Wrestling not your thing?? I also offer numerous other kinky activities ranging from Breath play to water sports & everything in between. Call Me on 07583832447 for more details.