I’m Back!!!!!

Hello there fuckwits,
I am sure you will be delighted to know that Manchester Mistress Foxx is now back from My holiday & yes, I had a fantastic time & I only have one area that is white……
I’ll leave your perverted minds to think about My white bits, but here is a cheeky picture of Mistress Foxx’s late night swim
Whilst  I was away I also engaged in some ‘Ball’ sports & surprise surprise Mistress Foxx won!
I also had a piss outside the ‘Water Sports’ centre but I think I’ll save that photo for another blog.
Before I went away, I had what is quite possibly My favourite session!
I had a client who I will refer to as ‘punchbag’ who wanted a genuine beat down session, where he wanted Me to kick, punch, elbow & knee him until he was begging for mercy & he wouldn’t mind if I knocked him out.
Oh My!!!! did he choose the right Mistress.
After restraining him in the frame, I left punchbag hooded & left the room, shortly after I crept back in the room where I could hear him breathing heavily & I woke him with several kicks to the balls & stomach before ripping his hood off, pushing his mouth guard in his mouth & punching him several times in the face.
It was the best 30 minutes of My life!
punchbag was BEGGING Me to stop, but during O/our consultation I could see he doubted My ability & had told Me in previous sessions when he had asked Mistresses to stop, they did & it wasn’t what he wanted, so no amount of begging, crying or even the fact I knocked him out was going to stop Me, I wanted him to know that Mistress Foxx should never be underestimated!
Here is an email I received off Punchbag which he wanted Me to share with you.
I wanted to write to thank Mistress for the session of my life.
Mistress Foxx is a delightful professional dominatrix with a sensational hard body from weight lifting and gymnastics. She is also one of the very few Mistresses I have met who will follow through with your requests to the very end.
My session was a real beat down to the end with full force kicking and punching and no safe word. I spent most of the session begging mistress to end the session and was both physically and mentally totally dominated. Mistress is rightly proud of the bruised, swollen and bleeding testicles and I am sure will put up the photos she took after the session in her own good time. I took some great head punching which left me more than a little woozie …
If you dream of an extreme session with ruptured balls and a smashed in head but would never have the guts to go through with it please do not waste Mistress Foxx’s time. If however you are seeking the real thing this is one of the few mistresses in six countries who I have met who will really do it. Be careful what you wish for.
Sincere thanks

Punchbag is the owner of a site called beat this man productions, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to a good beating.


(No he has no films of Me…..Yet)

I still have a few slots available on Monday 12th March & My next available appointment after that is Sunday 18th March.

I am available every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday





call for more details

One thought on “I’m Back!!!!!

  1. Hi Mistress,

    Not sure if got my reply from my hotmail account. Main interests include CBT, corporal/ judicial punishment and the strapon. Love old style fetich gear as well. I live in Llangefni and can accomadate during the day at my house, evenings/ weekends at an office location ..very discrete. Joined your twitter site as well. Ideally longer the session the better but if you could price anything from 1-3 hour session that would be great an d you’d be welcome to take photographs as well if you wish.
    If you need anything else before you discuss it with mistress lola let me know. Enjoyed your blog with the slave who got a right beating and the cane which was covered in blood, that would be my dream session. I’m and experienced slave and have seen mistress Jenna, Lady Penny Black and Mistress Tamsin on a number of occasions, mostly seeing Mistress Jenna (Chester) at the moment. Not many good mistressses here and a few dire ones – check out Mistress gaga- frightening!!
    I’m a very visual slave, but also enjoy being blindfolded.

    Hope that helps, if you wish to phone to confirm dates etc, thats cool.

    Best wishes,

    Mark x

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