The can’t be arsed thinking of a title blog….

Hello to all My little minions.

Guess what a slave bought Me . . . .

Well, I was a little disappointed with the lack of pony play sessions I get & Mistress Lola gets loads, so one of My loyal slave’s came in for a session with Me & surprised Me with a pony session & a new addition to the chambers…..

Giddy up boys!

As you can see, this saddle is well used & when it comes to My slaves next session so will his arse to compensate for this!

I also have another treat for you shoe and ball busting fans (if you want these new Christian Louboutin shoes for a session, you must request them in advance as they are My pride and joy & live with Me….. at home)

Now…. the fun bit!


well Myself & Mistress Lola did Our very first splosh session & what a great if not messy session.

We got the filthy little pig to roll round in his sty full of food and the humiliated little piggy even contributed by making his own ‘sticky’ mess.

Now, I am really going to spoil you. I have had some gorgeous new pictures done & I am going to share a few with you & once I get them all, I will be updating all the photos on My site, so keep your eyes pealed & because Mistress is feeling generous I will permit you to wank your pathetic cock over them as I may not feel so kind in session……

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress foxx

London….. and other stuff

Just a quick blog to announce that unfortunately, Myself and Mistress Lola have had to cancel Our tour to London on the 11th and 12th of November.

Sadly a member of Mistress Lola’s very close family has taken ill and She now needs to be at home during this time, as We are sure you will all understand.

As such, both Myself and Mistress Lola will still be available in Manchester as usual instead.

Apologies to those of you who have already booked sessions over these 2 days. We were both very much looking forward to seeing you all, and hope to rearrange Our tour soon.

On a lighter note, Anglesey went very very well, My only complaint is you pervs won’t let Me take photos (I cant see how the rest of North Wales would recognise your puny cock’s, abused nipples or red bottom’s, but hey, if that’s how you roll, who am I to judge)

I managed one solitary photo of a slave’s bottom who had to check the photo 1st to make sure he was unrecognisable….. WTF, do you walk round with your arse out or something!?!?!?!

Anyway, here is the pic

do you recognise him??


I thought not.

I had great fun with this slave, I do wish he had let Me take more photos of Me abusing him. All I will say is I think next time he is at a party where there are balloons, Mistress Foxx may ‘pop’ in to head….

Myself and Mistress Lola also had some new pics done, so keep an eye on My website for some new photo’s of the ‘Foxxy Lady’

Miss Foxx


Anglesey/North Wales Tour Update & My TV Sluts New Addition

Did you all enjoy looking at Mistresses pussy in the last blog?

Well as promised here are the details of the session with My TV slut jessica, or some of the details anyway, I have lots of photos from the session so enjoy.

I have seen jessica on numerous occasions, but this one was going to end quite differently…..

Jessica arrived fully dressed as a TV as always, much to My delight & W/we began O/our session.

I restrained jessica to the cross & started with some mild CBT to warm her up for what was about to become later…….

After tormenting the cock & balls and whipping off the pegs & wax I moved on to fucking to My TV slut & seeing what the biggest cock I could get up her arse was…..

I was impressed, this slut was showing lots of promise.

Seen as jessica loved having a cock up her arse & Mistress’s feet were getting tired, I decided to seat her on a but plug with electrics attached to her cock whilst she massaged My feet & if she didn’t do a good job, the power on the electrics went up.

Needless to say, she did not do a very good job…..

Although jessica did not impress Me with her massaging skills, I decided that I was still going to reward her with her favourite activity, which is sounds!

jessica was then put in to chastity, whilst We went out….. to a shop…… for jessica to have something done……to remember Manchester Mistress Foxx by!


Mistress was very disappointed as the slut didn’t even make a whimper, I knew jessica loved CBT & had a high tolerance for it but jessica, you impressed Me there. It’s not done often so revel in it because once your piercing has healed, I will make it My duty to make you scream :)

Anglesey & North wales is filling up VERY FAST & for outcalls Myself & Mistress Lola have one appointment left on Thursday & Friday & Incalls if you are flexible with time We should be able to fit you in as We wont have to travel anywhere.

If you havn’t already booked or confirmed your time, please do it ASAP.

Incalls available Thurs 11-Sun 14th Oct

Outcalls available Thurs 11th & Fri 12th Oct ONLY

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Wanda wants Tie & Tease!?!?!?!?!

Hello there My little delinquents,

I feel i have been neglecting you all, & I do apologise but Manchester Mistress Foxx has been rather busy. On the plus that does mean I have lots of sessions to tell you about.

For those of you who follow Me on twitter & if you don’t then WHY NOT?? (@MistressFoxx) Mistress got a new kitten for My birthday so I thought I would share a little photo of

‘Chairman Meow’

Anyway, more important things…… sessions!!

have you all missed wanda??

Well you will be pleased to know the shit eating pervert returned & he asked Me for a tie and tease session…..Pfft!? with all the sick & twisted things he is in to he wasn’t getting away with that…..

After trundling off to the garden & getting some holly & nettles whilst wanda got ready for Me I got changed in to one of My most sexy, provocative outfits.

I wish I had a photo as I walked through the door, I could tell he thought all his Christmases had come at once.

wanda was restrained to the cross and an internal spiked cock ring was put on him & I teased & tormented him with toys & My body until he was rock hard & being stabbed by the internal spikes & then cruelly took his sight away with a blindfold.

wanda had no idea what was coming, 1st I started off nice with vibrators & feathers before gradually moving to more severe like the pinwheel & of course holly and nettles.

I started with the holly

then moved on to the nettles…..

wanda didn’t like the nettles and jumped around a lot so just to make things a little more interesting I put the holly around wandas feet so when he moved…… yep, you guessed it! OUCH!!

you may think that I was being quite cruel, but to make things worse, at the end of the session, I didn’t allow him to cum & I slipped 2 glycerin suppositories up his arse and sent him on his way……

10 minutes later I received this

‘There is always a twist, I just about managed to get to McDonald’s, run in, jumped on the toilet, flushed it so I wouldn’t be heard by the others in the loo, for cold water to spray all over my cock so I ended up in agony’

All in all, I think that ended well, don’t you??

Dont forget Myself and Mistress Lola are available for incalls and outcalls in North Wales and on Anglesey on October 11-14th & We will be in London on the 11-12th November.

There is also the chance to win a date with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola on Sat 10th November in London for 2 lucky slaves.

click here for more info and to apply.

My next blog will be about My tv slut jessica, who after O/our session ended up with a brand new addition, but for now you will have to wait to see what that was.

Miss Foxx

Teachers pet

For those of you who remember ‘ralph’ from My blind date role play, he came to see Me again this week.

This time ralph wanted a role play where I was the teacher in an adult education lesson & due to bad weather W/we were the only people to turn up to the class, so ralph & I had a private lesson.

Guess what….. ralph had forgotten his homework & as it was an adult numeracy & literacy class I had asked the class to bring Me a short story to make sure they were getting the grips of spelling/grammar/punctuation etc.

ralph had constantly been telling Me how good he was at massage so I asked him to write a short story on massaging Me.

After making 10 mistakes in his story I gave ralph 10 hard spanks on each bum cheek as punishment.ralph seemed to enjoy this quite a lot & he was getting quite cheeky, but Mistress was in a playful mood & as there was no one else in the class I made ralph a deal that if he could pin Me down I would let him massage Me.

Guess what…… I think you may be more shocked than I am but he managed it! lets face it tho, it was hardly a bad battle to lose.

A full hour I was massaged & ralph was right…… he really is very good

London Competition & a whole new meaning to name cane slut

My cane slut came to see Me the other day for O/our usual bout of CP, but whilst kneeling before Me having O/our pre session chat he divulged something rather interesting……

My cane slut has a rather unhealthy obsession with sex particularly with college girls & as I have now discovered with couples where he enjoys orally pleasuring the man!

This was news to Me and I wanted to see this for Myself, so the next best thing was to strap him down and have him suck one of Mistresses dildos and if the standard wasn’t good enough the cane strokes would increase from the starting point of 24.

I have one thing to say WOW!! I have never seen anyone suck a cock with such expertise, I had to stay by My word, I didn’t increase his strokes.

Now for the more exciting news for you London clients (this will also be done in Manchester & Wales at some point too)

You have the chance to enter a competition for the chance for 2 slaves to take Myself & Miss Lola out for a nice meal on Saturday 10th November.

please visit this link for more info & for details on how to enter

We will be sessioning in London on Sunday 11th & Monday 12th November

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Slaves, Maids, Bank Holidays, Birthdays & Not Enough Hours In The Day!!!!

Hello slaves,

I bet you thought Mistress had forgotten about you didn’t you?

Actually I have been rather busy & have not had time to blog.

I thought I’d treat you to a little behind the scenes shot of Mistress Lola & I

Myself and Miss Lola were served by a maid AND a butler last Wednesday. Watching them both run around doing all the work was truly exhausting, and so Our butler made some some nibbles and poured Us a cheeky glass after a day of sessions…

Of course, We were delighted to find they were the perfect height to be used as human dining tables!

If any of you were at Manchester Pride & saw the parade you may have seen Miss Foxx as a cheerleader (or queerleader) for T.O.G.S (Tameside & Oldham Gay society)

If you didn’t here are a couple of pic’s I found online to share with you

I have loads of sessions to tell you about but right now I have a bath calling Me after this exhausting Bank Holiday weekend so they will have to wait for another time.

Don’t forget Mistress Foxx’s birthday party on Wednesday 5th September from 12-2pm with Myself & Mistress Lola. It is a sessioning party (numbers are STRICTLY limited) please call or email for more details.


News, Party, Tour dates etc…

Well, this is what I get for leaving My blog for so long….

I have loads to tell you, so I’ll start & finish with the best bits.

Exciting things are ahead for Manchester Mistress Foxx & Lola’s chambers!

The second chamber is being started in a matter of weeks, We have asked a lot of Our slaves what sort of thing they would like to see & We have so many great ideas so stay tuned.

Anglesey/North Wales tour dates are 11-14th October

Webcam and/or phone domination sessions are available through Adultwork or W/we can arrange a mutual session though Skype if you don’t have Adultwork or would prefer to do that.


(I have a 1080hp HD webcam, so you can guarantee a clear video)

The final & most important piece of news is it is Mistress Foxx’s birthday & Myself & Mistress Lola are having a birthday party for Mistress Foxx & all slaves are invited¬† on Wednesday 5th September.

The party is from


The tribute for My party is £150 for 2 hours & A gift for Mistress no matter how big or small is MANDATORY

for more info/details call or email Me


Just a very quick post for you Welsh pervs.

Myself & Mistress Lola have eventually pulled Our fingers out & Our Anglesey tour dates are 11-14th October.

Sessions will be available throughout that time on an Incall or Outcall basis. As We are not based in a dungeon in Anglesey/North Wales complex sessions or sessions requiring large pieces of equipment may not be possible (if you are unsure please email your request & I can let you know if it is possible)

Single & double Domme sessions are available

I have also started doing Webcam & Phone sessions on My adult work profile, Please click the link below for further information.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

New Review Site

Hello there slaves, just a short blog today.

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx has a little favour to ask of the slaves who have already sessioned with Me. . . . .

I have just joined a new Mistress review site & I would like My slaves to spend a few minutes just writing Me a little review, you can do that by clicking Here or pasting this address into your browser


Thank you

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx