Only 2 days left to session with Me

Yes My little subbies, sissy’s & slaves, My knee operation is just around the corner & you only have 2 more chances to session with Me before I take My recovery time off.

Unfortunately the pain has got too much & I am unable to wrestle for My last couple of sessioning days & My apologies to the clients I have had to cancel because of this, but hopefully once I am healed I will be fighting fit, ready to go & stronger than ever.

I am available for sessions on

Wednesday 11th July but it is VERY busy & only limited times are available


Sunday 15th July – again very busy

Mistress Vixen will also be available for double or even triple Domme sessions with Myself & Mistress Lola

Could you handle it????

Any get well cards or gifts will be happily received as a poorly Mistress needs to be pampered & looked after, if your stuck check out My Amazon gift list HERE

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Manchester Mistress Foxx Vs London Slaves……

Yes, its that time…. to tell you pervs what Myself & the beautiful Mistress Lola got up to in London (well, the bits I can tell you that is)
I gave you pervs a little teaser with a picture of Mistress Lola & I relaxing in the bath, but its time for Me to fill in the blanks for you now…..
Friday night was the legendary Club Antichrist’s 8th Birthday & We partied in style leaving at 5am when the sun was already up & people were jogging along the river Thames….. (weirdos)
Of course Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola had to visit the 8th wonder of the world….. The Christian Louboutin Exhibition of course!!
Now for the juicy session bits……
To start I must thank Madame Caramel for allowing Us the use of her fantastic Chambers & the equipment therein.
 ’One of the slaves who came to session with Myself and Mistress Lola in London came for a good dose of punishment. The reason for his punishment? Of course he was looking at photo’s of Us and thinking naughty thoughts and doing naughty things to himself…. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!
So, he was treated to some flogs with a whip from Mistress Lola…
 Alternated with some cane strokes from Myself…
 He should feel lucky We didn’t use Madame Caramels bullwhip on him. Speaking of, We NEED one of those for Our chambers!’
My next southern slut wanted some CBT, I was of course happy to oblige, plus with all the new toys to play with I was dying to try some of them out starting with the peg ring
‘Whilst in London, Myself and Mistress Lola also had a session with a very obedient slave named ‘slave k.m.’ He asked for a ‘tie and tease’ session and so Myself and Mistress Lola decided to put into practise Our ‘good cop, bad cop routine’, which We love to use to disarm and abuse you silly slaves with. It always works!
So, I tied and abused him… and Mistress Lola teased and tormented him!

We were hoping to build him up to use the fucking machine (like the little London slut who also came to serve Us pictured below)but slave k.m. is in need of more training before that! I think We might have to invest in a fucking machine for the chambers!
Afterwards, slave k.m. sent Me a lovely email, so I thought it would be nice to share a small section with you…
‘I sessioned with you and Miss Lola in London on Monday afternoon. Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic time, was easily best experience I had in my time as a sub. Won’t deny having two beautiful young Mistresses to serve did add to it but also what added alot to it was how friendly and easy to talk to you both were afterwards. Would definitely love to see you both again either in a session or in any other way I could be of use’
I am sure We will be seeing slave k.m. again soon…’
I am only available for sessions on Sunday 8th July, Monday 9th July, Wednesday 11th July & Sunday 15th July as I am having My knee operation on Wednesday 18th July & I will be out of action for a good few weeks.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Cockney cock

Well you London sluts are coming out in your droves, Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola have been rather busy today with you pervs.

This is a very quick blog I’m afraid but I thought I would keep you slaves updated.

My favourite session of the day (unfortunately I couldn’t take photos) was a severe CBT & ball busting session.

Lets just say he will most definitely be sore for a good few days after O/our encounter.

After a relaxing bath, Myself & Mistress Lola are ready to tackle Our next victim & hopefully We can get photos of this one…..

In the mean time I’ll leave you with this…..

We still have a couple of appointments left for tomorrow but this evening is now full.

Double sessions are being offered at a very attractive rate (call for details)


The time has come you southern slaves…..

Mistress Foxx is coming to London this weekend

I will be partying hard at Club AntiChrist on Friday night & on Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd July I will be available for sessions at The Hoxton Dungeon Suite with Mistress Lola & I can even be available for an overnight session on the Sunday night.

If you wish to come & session whilst I am in London or fancy a double Domme session with the infamous Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola


My specialties include Wrestling, Beat Down Sessions, No Safe Word Sessions, Ball Busting, Corporal Punishment, Caning, CBT, Nipple Torture

A full list of My services can be found here

Countdown to Wrestle Mania

In the red corner we have the opponent……

In the blue corner we have Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx…… Hang on where’s She gone??

“Mistress”        “MISTRESS”     “MISTRESSSSSSSSS”

Yes My Wrestling victims, the time has come <big aww please>

The date of My knee operation is nearing (Wednesday 18th July) & depending on how I heal I may not be offering wrestling anymore & I certainly won’t be offering anything competitive/semi-competitive.

If you wish to have a good wrestle before that you have a choice of dates & bare in mind I ONLY DO 1 WRESTLING SESSION PER DAY.

Sunday 24th June

Monday 25th June

Wednesday 27th June

Sunday 1st July (London)

Monday 2nd July (London)

Wednesday 4th July

Sunday 8th July

Monday 9th July

Wednesday 11th July

Sunday 15th July.

Any get well cards or gifts will be greatly received & if your stuck have a look at My gift page or My Amazon gift list.


(A poorly Mistress does like to be spoilt & pampered).

Miss Foxx takes on the Perverts In Leather

Well here you go…..

I know you have all been dying to know what I got up to at the PIL Rally & you will be pleased to know that Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx did not disappoint.

I know your all more bothered about the photos than the text so I’ll show you some pics with a brief summary.

Here goes……

After a rather wet journey & a drunken Friday night, Saturday was far more interesting.

Miss Foxx got involved in the silly games which included a wet T-shirt competition in which the 2 finalists (I of course was one) had to wrestle to find the winner! MWAHAHAHAHA Mistress Foxx’s specialty :)

After wrestling My opponent to the ground & smothering her with My breasts I was crowned the winner & was presented with an incredibly tacky trophy that evening.

As you can see I was dressed to cause a stir & had many a slave offering some worship, ashtray service or a bottom to be spanked & I had a spanktastic night.

My apologies to those slaves who have been trying to see Me over the past couple of weeks but I have been rather busy punishing ones I am already training.

I am available every SUNDAY, MONDAY & WEDNESDAY & don’t forget you southern pervs I will be available in London at The Hoxton Dungeon Suite on Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd July.

It’s caning season with Mistress Foxx

London Touring  Dates Sunday 1st & Monday 2nd July

This hot weather seems to bringing you masochists out & I have been dishing out some fantastic caning sessions over the past couple of weeks.

My cane slut returned to have a double CP session with Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola.

He was put through his paces with a small round of ball busting followed by using 8 different implements on his bottom (hand, paddle, strap, 3 different crops, flog & of course the cane) receiving 6 of both Mistress Lola & I.

After punishing My sluts bottom We decided to tease it with a little facesitting whilst it played with its pathetic cock.

My next slave I have called ‘fluffy’.

fluffy is new to Me & BDSM but is showing promise & I cant wait to explore some weird & wonderful things with him & see where I can take him.

This time I wish to share with you a 12 stroke cold caning

I am sure I will have many photos of fluffy to share with you….. if you are a blog reader you will have seen him on My blog already but if I told you where I’d have to kill you……

As you should know I am available every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday but I will be unavailable on Sunday 10th June as I am off to terrorize more bikers but this time at the Perverts In Leather bike rally.

I am available Wednesday 30th May, Sunday 3rd June, Monday 4th June, Tuesday 5th June, Monday 11th June & then as normal from Sunday 17th June.

In the meantime I will share with you a cheeky photo from a night out.

Mistress Foxx Vs bikers & an encounter with My cane slut


Yes pervs……

The time has come!

Time to see what Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx got up to with all them burley bikers at this years NABD rally……

On Friday night I was well behaved for Me but I started My weekend off with a bit of nipple torture

 I saved playtime until Saturday night where I moved on to a little spanking

Then a little cock & ball torture

As you can imagine after all that hard work Miss Foxx needed some well earned boot worship

Unfortunately no one carried Me back to My tent but eventually at 4am……. I found it :) YEY

I have The Perverts in Leather rally in June next…… Just wait for the photos from that one, last year they got Me banned off facebook!

Any way, I was welcomed back to the world of Foxx with My caning slut (who has not seen Me for quite some time)

My cane slut has a regular Mistress who he see’s but as She is injured she cannot punish him sufficiently (which is where I come in).

Now, I am a pretty tolerant Mistress (OK, I’m lying) but after being told 10 different scenarios off his Mistress & then sending My cane slut with a note for Me telling Me something entirely different to do,I was kind of annoyed (OK, I was seething).

After ripping the note up in front of him & telling him to tell his Mistress to stick it up her arse & I would be doing what I wanted & not what She wanted, My rather shakey cane slut gingerly got on My spanking bench & after a warm up with various implements he took his 12 stroke punishment very well.

I am available for sessions every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

London dates, CP, Electrics, CBT & an unmarkable bottom

LONDON DATES with Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola
30TH JUNE – 3RD JULY ( I will also be attending Pedestal on Friday 29th June)
Well you are a spoilt bunch,
2 Blogs in as many days, what can I say, I’m feeling generous.
Last week I had a rather fun session with a client who will be referred to as putty. For 2 hours I got to put this slave through his paces as he wished to experience some harsh torture & CP.
After securing My victim in some rope bondage I proceeded to administer some CBT, Hot wax, Electrics & urethral sounds
After torturing putty’s nipples & pathetic cock & balls, I then moved on to good hard CP
Oh My….
putty’s bottom after a severe thrashing off both Myself & Mistress Lola, barely marked due to the amount of times this slave has been caned (clearly a VERY NAUGHTY slave)
I think Mistress deserves a bit of Foot worship after all her hard work…..
Here is a review from putty……

Last week I spent a magical 2 hours with Mistress Foxx. I had emailed her asking for a 2 hour session of harsh C.P. and torture. On phoning Mistress Foxx asked me if I could really cope with 2 hours of her treatment saying she can be very demanding. I nervously answered yes. You never know where you are on a scale of 1 to 10 compared with other masochists.
  Mistress Foxx looked absolutely stunning in a corset stockings and lovely stilettos. She started off with some CBT and some pretty severe electrics. She then strapped me on to her spanking bench and started delivering an intense thrashing. At this point the beautiful Mistress Lola joined in delivering alternate strokes with the cane or strap. The beating pushing me to my limit and ecstasy.
  It was clear Mistress Foxx had read my initial email and was giving me all I had asked for and then some! It is true Mistress Foxx delivers a full on severe session, so be warned if you ask for your limits to be pushes that’s what you’ll get; however she will respect your pre stated limits.
  Out of session Mistress Foxx is very friendly and easy to talk to; once your kneeling at her feet all that changes! It won’t be long before I am back.
Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx

Rosie the knicker stealing pervert

I  thought I would share with you all a little story about a new slave who came to see Myself and Mistress Lola for a double Domme session.

This particular slave sent Us a long email about how he had a very severe and untreatable ‘knicker obsession’ which had developed through his life, starting from when he was a little boy and would sneak into the girls P.E. changing room, right up until today where he is earning a reputation at work as a ‘sex pest’ for staring at visible pantie lines and even trying to catch an upskirt glance at his female colleagues.

This had all culminated in his visiting a doctor, who ridiculed him for being such a pervert  and explained that there was no known cure for being such a ‘dirty knickers obsessive’. After a lot of humiliation in her office, she advised him that his last chance at being free of this perverted obsession would be to venture into the world of Professional Domination. And with that, Myself and Mistress Lola began to devise Our own form of ‘aversion therapy’ which would free him of this terrible affliction…

Well, it seems that Our alternative therapy failed miserably, though not through lack of trying, Whilst one of Us caned him, the other teased him with Our knickers, hoping he would displace the pleasure with the pain, but that didn’t work. We humiliated him by drawing and writing words like ‘pervert’ all over him whilst ridiculing his pathetic tiny cock… that didn’t work. We strapped him up and abused him with electrics whilst rubbing Our knickers on him… and that didn’t work. None of the cruel plans We had dreamed up seemed to help relive him of these deep and perverted desires he had had for so long…

So We decided if you can’t cure it, EMBRACE IT!

And so Our new sissy ‘Rosie’ was born. Shaved, made-up with hot pink eyes and lipstick, taught how to suck cock and forced into her favourite feminine clothes- silky pink knickers!

We spent the rest of the session having a lovely girls night in which ended with a good old sissy milking! Rosie left finally at ease with her knicker perversion, so a happy ending after all.

Manchester Mistress Foxx & Mistress Lola will be visiting London at the very end of June. The exact session dates will be published on My blog very soon. Please email or call Me on to enquire.

I am off to the NABD rally this weekend, so yes yes of course I will have photos for you pervs to feast your eyes on when I get back plus I have merlin coming in for a rather unusual session that I cant wait to tell you about (I hope you have strong stomachs!!)

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Foxx